Auction Consignment Form

                         CAZABU FARMS

                        CONSIGNOR’S AGREEMENT

                             SHOW AND RIDING HORSES SALE APRIL 1, 2017

1. I agree to pay Cazabu Farms a NONREFUNDABLE entry fee of $100.00 ., plus a sale commission fee of 8% on any sold horses. 2. I agree to notify Cazabu Farms in writing of any ridgling (cryptorchidism), wobblers, cribbers, broken bones, chips, nerving, or unsoundness of sight or wind at least 30 days prior to the sale. 3. If any litigation should arise as a result of a horse having any of the aforementioned conditions and of my not notifying Cazabu Farms of any of the aforementioned conditions prior to the sale, or for any other reason whatever other than willful negligence of Cazabu Farms, I agree to indemnify Cazau Farms and hold them harmless of any loss or judgement and shall pay any and all legal costs, fees and disbursements, including attorney’s fees, against them regarding the sale of this animal or the agency created herein. 4. In the event that I am not the owner of the horse listed herein, I hereby certify to Cazabu Farms that I have the legal capacity and authority of owner of record, to consign this horse and bind the owner to the terms stated herein. 5. This agreement is intended by the parties to be a complete, exclusive and entire statement of the terms of their agreement and understanding regarding the subject matter set forth herein. This Agreement supercedes any prior agreement, writing or understanding, verbal or written, regarding the subject matter hereof. Any subsequent agreements, amendments or modifications of this Agreement shall be in writing signed by both parties. 6. This Agreement shall insure to the benefit of the parties and shall be binding upon their successors, assignees, executors, administrators, heirs, and personal representatives. 7. The provisions of this Agreement are severable and if any clause or provision shall be held invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part in any jurisdiction then such invalidity or unenforceability shall effect only such clause or provision, or part thereof, in such jurisdiction and shall not in any manner effect such clause or provision in any other jurisdiction, or any other clause or provision in the Agreement in any jurisdiction. 8. In the event that I or a duly authorized agent elect to “bid-in” or otherwise retain (RNA) aforementioned horse in this contract, I agree to pay Cazabu Farms a $100.00 no sale fee. 9. I agree to furnish a halter free with each horse offered for sale. Furthermore, I agree that said horse will be halter broke and leadable by sale date. 10. I hereby agree that there will be no claims, judgements, liens, or ownership disputes relating to the horse described in this agreement. 11. Consignor will be present in person, or have a duly authorized representative present, to make true representations respecting each horse offered for sale by such Consignor. Consignor is responsible for the identity of all horses consigned and offered for sale. 12. All horses must be Registered at time of consignment. It shall be the duty of  the Consignor to furnish a signed Registration Certificate, a DNA parentage verification report, a current negative Coggins test for each horse taken within 180 days prior to the date of sale, proof of Rabies within 180 days of sale. We must have these documents in our possession on or before sale date. The Coggins test submitted for each horse must include any freeze brands and all identifiable markings of the horse. The Coggins test must be an original or carbon copy of an original, legible, unaltered. No copies made on a copyng machine are acceptable. 13. If a horse is pulled from sale after arriving at the place of sale, Consignor will be assessed a $100.00 penalty. The only exception will be horses deemed unfit for sale by the Sale Veterinarian. Registered Horse Name:__________________________________ Color:___________ Sex:_____________ Foaling date:___________ SIRE: __________________________ DAM:______________________________ Consigned by:_______________________________________________________________ As it will appear in catalog. Agent name if applicable. Consignor’s address:Street______________________City___________________State____Zip______ Telephone:_________________ Fax:________________ E-mail:________________________ Registered Owner(s):_________________________________________________________ Address: Street:____________________City______________________ State:_______ Zip:________ Telephone:_________________Fax:_____________ E-mail:__________________________ ** I have read and agree to the terms of this contract stated herein.** Signature of Consignor:____________________________________- Date:_______________ Cazabu Farms Company Rep: _____________________________      Date:_____________ Please return contract to: Cazabu Farms, 3657 Erieville Road, Eriville, NY 13061 Sales office telephone: 315 380 3244, fax 315 6627108, E-mail: Contract no:_____________ Please use the space below to write a brief description of your horse:

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