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The Nokotas® need your help now.   As a member of the Nokota® Horse Conservancy, I am dedicated to saving the Native Nokota® Horse through Education, Preservation and Promotion. This year pasture lease has tripled and adding that to last year's drought has left 118 Nokotas® at risk for a future. This membership drive has been created to increase immediate necessary funds as well as awareness of the Nokota® horses. Please join the Nokota® Circle of Life for just $25.00.  Please go to (link to Nokota Circle of Life ) to help ensure that these beautiful and trusting creatures have a future.
Thank you in advance,
     Leigh Garber
     Volunteer, Nokota® Horse Conservancy member,  Nokota® owner
P.S. Please help us prevent another great American tragedy from unfolding on the plains of North Dakota. Just 1 click (link to Nokota® Circle of Life ) and you can help us continue to support the Nokotas®, a living American Legacy. Please forward this to everyone you know who might care that these animals have enough to eat and a place to spend the winter. 
**This level of membership will receive one complimentary copy of the Nokota® News newsletter.

About The Nokota®

The Nokota® is a uniquely American breed. The native horse of the Northern Plains, noted by Lewis and Clark of the Clark Expedition are direct descendants of the Lakota horse that once carried Chief Sitting Bull. The Nokota® are from the wild horses that once roamed the Little Missouri Badlands of North Dakota. These noble animals are a living symbol of America's past. The Nokota® is a sound, athletic, agile, hardy and very surefooted horse with great stamina. They typically have a square, angular frame, tapering musculature, v-shaped front quarters, angular shoulders with prominent withers, distinctly sloped croup, low-set tail and very strong bones, legs and hooves. They often have feathered fetlocks and their ears are slightly hooked at the tips. Typically blue roan, red roan, grays and overos and often with one blue eye and one brown eye these undomesticated, natural horses are extremely intelligent and responsive to the human touch. Nokotas® are very smart horses. You can almost see them figuring out a given situation. Those that show them patience, respect, and friendship are rewarded with a deeply trusting and respectful relationship in return. Almost dog-like in their show of loyalty to their owner, they are the perfect horse for anyone (child or adult) who wants to establish a long lasting and personal relationship with their horse. Thanks to the selfless efforts of the Kuntz brothers of North Dakota, the Nokota® Horse is now a registered breed. They have been found to excel at many disciplines including dressage, jumping, reining and endurance events. At Cazabu Farms we break and train Nokota® horses and Nokota®/Pony crosses getting them ready for their future owners. For more information about these magnificent animals and to become a member of the Nokota®  Horse Conservancy  visit Your membership dollars go directly to the care and feeding of these incredible horses. The Nokotas ® at Cazabu Farms are privately owned by Leigh Garber. THe majority of our Nokotas ® were purchased from the Kuntz Brothers in North Dakota, and in the spring of 2012 we welcomed the first Nokota ® bred and born on Cazabu Farms. Cazabu Farms is proud to support the Nokota ® Horse Conservancy in their ongoing efforts to preserve and promote this unique American breed. Let Cazabu Farms take you from the Northern Plains to the Show Arena.  Buy American.  Buy Nokota®

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